Study Tips

Here are some of my study tips I´ve learned on the way. The collection will grow when i learn new things. Feel free to message me when you have a tip that should be included in the list.

Put away your phone

I´ve written a full post on that but being fully present and not on your phone maximizes the amount you´ll learn and remember in any class or study session.

Have a clean desk

The more things are in front of you and the lesser the free space on your desk, the higher are the chances you´ll become distracted. So clean your desk before getting started.

Water & Healthy snacks

Have some water and if you want to a healthy snack nearby on your desk. Water is pretty self-explanatory. While it is tempting to have chocolate or candy next to you the sugar actually heightens your blood sugar level for a short time before it will decline afterward, making you unfocused and tired. So better have some nuts or pieces of fruit standing next to you to help your focus.

Zoom Classes

Turn on your video

I know this is a little annoying but having your video can be a way to keep yourself accountable to actually follow the class. It can be quite tempting to scroll on your phone, spent time on google or maybe already cook dinner while your class is still running. But when your video is on you should sit in front of your camera and not wear your mindless-scrolling-face.

Be there on time

With Zoom classes, it´s tempting to get set up for class when it has already started. But treat your Zoom class like a regular class where you are to be ready by the time your professor or teacher enters the room. So have your snack ready, your desk clear except for things needed for class and your phone put away. Also log into the Zoom room at least 2 minutes before class so you have time to re-start your wifi in case it´s not running.

Print out reading material

For my degree I have to read a lot. While it is better for the environment to read on my computer or my tablet, I´m actually more effective reading texts I´ve printed out. That way I can highlight things and add comments on the side. Personal Pro Tip: summarize each block on the side after reading it in a few short words. That way you don´t have to read the text again when trying to find key information later on for example when being asked about it in class or writing an essay.