There´s a number of things that make life as a student easier. Here are some of my favorites.

Study with me – Videos

With college and school being via Zoom and libraries closed I often miss having a study buddy. Study with me – Videos make a great substitute if you have nobody around. Some of them are with music and even using the Pomodoro technique so you don´t forget to take short breaks and will stay productive for a longer time. One of my all-time favorite videos is by Jamie from TheStriveStudies. I´ve written my entire BA thesis with it and now my brain automatically goes into study mode whenever the music starts.

App Blocker

If you struggle with self-discipline those are a great way to keep you accountable and off your phone or social media websites while studying. If you want to have an more in-dept review of App Blocks I´ve tried out click here.


Those are a bit more new. Some studytubers are doing live study streams that you can join now. Often they are organized through Youtube or Discord Channels.

Forest App

A lot of studygrammers use this app. It works like an App Blocker but not. Basically you are committing to a certain time and are growing a virtual tree for your forest. After this time your tree will be added to your forest. If you do use your phone your tree will die. So it trains your discipline to keep of your phone. It´s available for Android and iOS.