First week and all online

The semester has just started this week. Since there is a growing number of Covid-cases and a lockdown for the whole of November all classes are completely online. Additionally, the winter term was pushed back from its usual start in October. So here I am doing classes all on my little computer screen from the comfort of my home. It´s actually quite interesting starting a degree and not meeting your classmates. But that’s how it will be for now. I will actually move 5 hours away from home next weekend to live closer to my uni. While there are no classes happening I can still use the library. Also, I want to get at least a little bit of that student life again so I figured living in the same city as your uni might be a good step forward. However, it will be quite an interesting week with finalizing all things for my move while already getting started on the classes. I´m also a little worried about getting socially isolated when moving away while a pandemic. But I hope it will all turn out for the better.

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